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Fauna Fantastique: A Giant Puppet Pageant
Fauna Fantastique : A Giant Puppet Pageant is an original String and Shadow production that ran from July 9th-August 1st 2021 at Lion's Park in Olympia, Washington. Inspired by the form of television nature shows (depending on your age, think Planet Earth or Wild Kingdom), Fauna places the eccentric Dr. Menagerie (Elizabeth Lord) as its guide, inviting audience members on a tour of forgotten and unusual species. With live-music by the String and Shadow Cartoon Orchestra, Fauna explores the clouds and their resident cosmic geese, shrinks down to visit the forest floor for the annual Fungi Fashion Show, observes the strange behavior of the "sub-urban dwellers," and finally travels into the dream-world to find the magical, and illusive, nightmare-eating Baku. 

"The show has been designed with a fast pace and as much action and color as a Looney Tunes cartoon, but with plenty to keep adults engaged, including a live band and some sly humor."

-Oly Arts

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"This is a puppet show you won't want to miss. I've seen it twice and would go again. So fun, creative, and with plenty of imagination. Sit outdoors and enjoy the audience participation. The story has something for all ages."

-Audience Review

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