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Far Away and Hard to Find
Far Away and Hard to Find is an original String and Shadow production that ran from July 1st - July 24th 2022 at Calliope Farm in Olympia, Washington. Inspired by Joseph Cambell's hero's journey, FAHF begins at the end of the journey: with a dragon battle set in an abandoned shopping mall. In the aftermath, the story follows the knight's tuba-playing bard as she watches the dragon's hoard destroy her city - and turn it into another kind of monster. Magical objects, distributed into the audience before the show, come in need as the Bard embarks on a journey down the wishing well. Far Away and Hard to Find is a tale about losing hope and the journey to get it back again - and about the artist's role in our society- full of giant puppets, stilt walkers, transforming sets, and all set to original music. 

Duration: 90 minutes
Writers: Emily McHugh, Donald Palardy, Luz Gaxiola

Narration: Elizabeth Lord
Puppeteers: Luz Gaxiola (the Bard), Emily McHugh, Donald Palardy, Marlo Winter, Eric Sanford, Kelsey Magnuson, Ellora Indrik Stone
Musicians: Francis Brennan, Eva Leach, and Parker


"Far Away and Hard to Find chewed up my heart and spit it out fuller."


"I can't recommend the puppet show enough! I laughed nonstop, nearly cried like 3 times, and was continually amazed by every little detail. Go see it. Seriously. What these folks do is impressive beyond words."

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"I cannot recommend enough. Touching. Heart-warming. Made me laugh and cry."

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