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ESPERUS: The Janitor

ESPERUS: The Janitor is an original String and Shadow production that toured across the US in the fall of 2018. The story follows Esperus, a lowly janitor at the MegaRealm corporation. MegaRealm is the biggest, baddest corporation in the lucrative business of World-Creation. Esperus must save the old world - our world - from destruction by company CEOs who seek to destroy it to make room for their creepy tech future (all hail the sacred cube!) The audience, equipped with oversized magical objects, helps Esperus navigate the many floors of the MegaRealm building and - hopefully - save the world. 

Utilizing audience participation in a unique way, Esperus is a bold experiment in storytelling that examines our collective and individual relationships to modern technology. Told with four bodies, eight hands, a variety of puppets, giant pop-up books, and a talking piece of string, Esperus is - in short - a wacky puppet love song to the analogue human-to-human world.

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