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The Paper Moon: A Drive-In Puppet Show

In July of 2020, String and Shadow collaborated with the City of Olympia to present quite possibly the world's first drive-in puppet show : The Paper Moon, an original story performed with giant puppets, masks, and fantastical pop-up sets. With music and narration broadcast on a low-frequency FM-transmitter, audience members were invited to "tune-in" and enjoy the show from the safety of their own vehicles.

"I still consider myself pretty new to Olympia, and stumbling upon this show tonight nearly made me cry. This was so intricate and beautiful that my heart was full of joy."

 - audience review 


String and Shadow's most ambitious show to date, Paper Moon ran for three weekends in July at the Isthmus park in downtown Olympia.


"Truly beautiful. Every tired activist heart should try to check out this beautiful production. It’s a collective experience, which feels so rare these days."


"This was awesome!! Watched with my grandson ( in separate cars) and both of us were mesmerized!"  

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