ESPERUS: The Janitor


    ESPERUS: The Janitor follows Esperus, a lowly employee of the MegaRealm corporation. MegaRealm is the biggest, baddest corporation in the lucrative business of World-Creation. Brought to you by four bodies, eight hands, and a talkative piece of string, Esperus must save the old world from neutralization by company CEOS who seek to destroy it and make room for their creepy tech future. The audience, equipped with over-sized magical objects, helps Esperus navigate through the convoluted floors of the MegaRealm building and, hopefully, save the world.

    String and Shadow toured across the U.S. with ESPERUS Sept. - Oct. 2018. It will be performed locally in Olympia Dec. 21-23rd 2018 at Octapas Cafe downtown.

    The Distance to the Moon


    Qfwfq — Italian author Italo Calvino's cosmos-traveling narrator — tells a story of a time when the moon was much closer to the earth. His tale, depicted in shadow-puppets, deals with themes of unrequited love, moon milk, exile, and return. 

    The (Real) Moon Landing

    and other Tales of Lunacy

    A washed-up CIA agent tells the real story of what happened in 1969 when we went to the moon. And we did go. But what we found there... was much stranger than you think. A mix of mask-puppetry, aerial dance, contortion, aliens & cover-ups, The (Real) Moon Landing debuted in Olympia, WA in February 2018 at the Rhythm and Rye and Airbound Arts.

    The Summoning


    Two pseudo psychic wizards from the future realm tell audience fortunes in VHS. An onslaught of outdated media, soundscapes, cauldrons, wands, and sparkly fabric, The Summoning takes witchcraft to the technological realm and summons the spirits of the internet.

    Lost At Sea

    A collaboration with the Airbound Arts aerial troupe in Olympia, Lost at Sea tells the story of a young fisherwoman who drifts into a haunted inlet. Shifting between shadow-story-telling, aerial dance, and a battle between a giant two headed sea-monster and an aerialist on the rope, Lost at Sea debuted at the Airbound Arts studio downtown in March, 2017.